Friday, January 20, 2012

A journey begins

A whirlwind end to a year and a beginning.
Between 18th and 23rd I traveled to Behrampur, Murshidabad distt., for a theatre performance and with thick fogs along the tracks and trains delayed by days, was on the road for six days for that one-hour performance.
Returning back, I wrapped the remaining days of my corporate career and cleaned up my old apartment, thanks to a very special friend from Bangalore flying over to help me with that.
After sojourning with a friend in Gurgaon and my cousins in Delhi for the past two days,  I leave for Auli today for a fortnight of skiing. It's so frigging cold out there and the roads so so bad (The drives to Joshimath are never a pleasure in the best of weathers) and I don't really know why I am doing this to myself.

My training  will recommence in Feb second half and I still have not written anything for close to half a year now. To be honest, nothing feels different - it just seems like an extended weekend where I just happen to live out of several suitcases, repacking and shuffling stuff between them all the time.

Hopefully, Auli will break the pattern of these last eight years post-MBA.

Some things in life are like a smile spread in the horizon towards where I march and I am thankful for that.

A few portraits of friends, new and old, that were there with me in these days, tho', I realize now, only a sample from all that were there.